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SAKE Takarayama Rice bag label YukinkoMai Alc. 15% 720ml

Takarayama Brewery

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"There is sake that can be tasted because it is in that area"
This product is a "rice bag series Yukinkomai ver." The characteristic of the sake brewed with this "Yukinkomai", which is cultivated without any chemicals called "duck farming method", is the impression of natural and natural liquor quality. By doubling the liquor mother, it expresses a sharp acid, and by making the koji 30%, it is a gem that you can feel the taste. Basically, this product is made differently depending on the quality of rice produced each year.

Detailed specifications are "private". We fully use edible rice "Yukinko Mai" instead of sake rice, and we hope you will feel the unique taste of the brewery.

You feel refreshing and sweet flavor but it has clean and dry taste. If it's hot, it has subtle sweetness of rice. You aren't tired out from drinking.

こちらの商品は、地元の農家との契約栽培による「米袋シリーズ ゆきん子舞 ver」です。「合鴨農法」という無農薬で栽培したこの「ゆきん子舞」で醸す日本酒の特徴はまさに自然的でナチュラルな酒質の印象です。今季は、酒母を2倍して仕込む&3割麹&低アルコール原酒という周囲から「?」が飛び交い、蔵人たちも、「うちの杜氏はどうしたんだ!?」と言われてた造りを行いました。要するに教科書通りの酒造りを辞めて、独自の分量と采配で仕込みました。酒母を2倍にする事により切れ味ある酸を表現し、麹を3割にする事で旨味を感じられる逸品になりました。基本的に本商品はその年ごとのお米の出来具合等で造り方を変えていきます。