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50% OFF! SAKE Takarayama miniature bottle Junmai Ginjo Alc. 16% 200ml

Takarayama Brewery

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Japanese sake is very sensitive to temperature so it should be kept in the refrigerator. Once it is opened, we have to drink it as soon as possible because the taste will change. Therefore, 720ml is too big for those who want to drink it occasionally and drink a little bit. It may be unsatisfactory for those who drink a lot at once.

However, for those who have hesitated or shy away from sake until now, this miniature sake will help you feel closer to the history of sake.

Some people asked, “is the sake made by Koshihilari delicious?” However, after they drink it, they smiled at the gentle taste. Refreshing sake is loved by women because the taste is slightly sweet and refreshing.


精米歩合 (Rice polishing rate): 50%