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50% OFF! SAKE Junmai Daiginjo Shidaizumi Alc. 15.5% 720ml


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This is a sake that stands at the top of manufacturing technology. From the rice washing phase, time management in seconds is performed to achieve an accurate water absorption rate. We steam rice from the early morning to finish the outer hard and inner soft. For the preparation, we use the most technically difficult HD-1 yeast among Shizuoka Prefecture yeasts. Fermentation mash is carefully finished by long-term low-temperature fermentation and the upper tank is squeezed by the traditional funnel technique. The squeezed sake is bottled so as not to impair the flavour and each bottle is finished by quenching one bottle quickly and then carefully managed in a low temperature refrigerator in the warehouse. The finished sake has a mysterious ginjo scent and it can spread the deep taste of rice and the softness of the water. It goes well with light-flavored dishes both Japanese and Western. Especially, it goes well with sushi and kaiseki cuisine. The sake enhances the cuisine and brings out the fascination of sake.