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SAKE Junmai Dai Ginjo TAKARA NO KIWAMI Burgundy label Alc. 17% 720ml

Takarayama Brewery

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This is a gem which Takarayama Sake brewery has introduced, an excellent piece of technology.
Yamadanishiki rice from Hyogo Prefecture is used which is special grade A rice.
It is called “Sake-making rice King” and is currently the best rice in sake brewing.
This liquor born from sake rice is one of "the ultimate" of Takarayama Sake Brewery.
The speed of ripening changes depending on the storage temperature. We recommend refrigerated storage.
The vintage listed on the front label indicates the year whivh rice was harvested.
This product is designed for sake quality with ripening. Due to the features of the product, the sediment may precipitate or crystallize, but there is no problem with the quality.