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SAKE Junmai Dai Ginjo TAKARA NO KIWAMI Black label 2018 Alc. 17% 720ml

Takarayama Brewery

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This is a gem which Takarayama Sake Brewery has introduced, with an excellent technology.
The rice used, “natural cultivated” Yamadanishiki from Niigata Prefecture, was cultivated while coexisting with the creatures in Niigata's rich nature. Yamadanishiki is suitable for cultivation in areas where it is difficult to cultivate and is chilled only in the morning and evening, but Mr. Akira Ueno of Ueno Farm challenged cultivation in Niigata, a cold area.
This liquor created by contracting with a passionate farmer is one of "the ultimate" of Takarayama Sake Brewery.
【Storage】The speed of ripening changes depending on the storage temperature. We recommend refrigerated storage.
【Vintage】The vintage listed on the front label indicates the year which rice was harvested.
【Feature】This product is designed for sake quality with ripening. Due to the features of the product, the sediment may precipitate or crystallize, but there is no problem with the quality.

宝山酒造が技術の全てをつぎ込んだ逸品です。使用米である新潟県産「自然栽培」の山田錦は新潟の豊かな自然で生き物と共存しながら栽培されました。山田錦は栽培が難しく朝晩だけ冷え込む土地での栽培に適していますが、寒冷地の新潟での栽培にチャレジしたのが“上野農園の上野 晃さん”です。情熱ある農家と契約し、生まれたこのお酒は宝山酒造の「極」の1本となります。