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HOUJICHA Tea Bag (Freshpack)

Marumo Mori Shoten

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A delicious and easy cup of green tea can be made with just a teabag. Our selection offers several flavors, made of non-woven textiles allowing the tea leaves to soften more easily in hot water as well as ensuring that the authentic aroma of our green tea leaves is not compromised as with teabag made of paper. The teabags are sealed in individual packages with nitrogen to preserve their freshness.

It features a very Kaoru fragrance by roasting the green tea with fire. Since caffeine is small, the best children and the elderly, the sick. The color is reddish-brown, goes well with the greasy meal.

ティーバッグだけで、おいしく簡単な緑茶を作ることができます。 私たちが選んだ緑茶は、茶葉がお湯でより簡単に柔らかくなるだけでなく、紙で作られたティーバッグのように緑茶の葉本物の香りが損なわれない不織布用いたお茶です。ティーバッグは、鮮度を保つため窒素でそれぞれの袋を密封しています。 焙煎された緑茶はとてもKAORUの香りがします。 カフェインは少ないので、お子様やお年寄り、体の弱い方にもオススメです。 色はあずき色で、脂っこい食事によく合います。