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Gentle Washi Mask Liner


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What is Mask Liner?

It is the sheet that attaches to the inner side of the mask.

I want to use a disposable mask but I have problem skin・・・Do you have this concern?

You are able to spend a comfortable time with this disposable mask so that the part that touches the face is gentle washi fabric.

Mask size is compatible with(width14〜17×length14cm*)*length refers to the size where the mask opens for use.

It is durable with antibacterial and deodorant effects, and its effects last long even if you wash it many times. If you use it repeatedly and it becomes old, it can be biodegraded by putting it on the soil such as in a garden or on plants.

Washi fabric「Curetex®」

Japanese yarn〈Curetex®〉 is made of 100% natural fiber derived from perennial plants by Curetex's original manufacturing method, which has benefits such as Antibacterial, Antiviral Effect, deodorizing, humidity control, cool feeling, absorbing, and ultraviolet ray protection. Certified world's highest standard of safety for fiber,「STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX ® 」, the mask is kind to the body and does not contain harmful substances. *The strictest class for textile products safe for early childhood up to 36 months old.

Washing method Wash gently by hands. Do not wash in the washing machine or dry clean. Do not use bleach or detergent with fluorescent brightening. Wring lightly, fix and dry in shade, ease the wrinkle lightly. Do not tumble.