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50% OFF! GENMAICHA Tea Bag (Freshpack)

Marumo Mori Shoten

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2g tea with a tag for a cup of tea。Nitrogen added for freshness. Genmaicha consists of genmai (roasted rice) mixed with Sencha. Our tea bags are made of non-woven textiles allowing the tea leaves to soften more easily in hot water as well as ensuring that the authentic aroma of our green tea leaves is not compromised as with tea bags made of paper.

一杯のお茶に2gの茶葉を使用します。新鮮さを保つため窒素を加えています。 玄米茶は、玄米(焙煎された米)に煎茶を混ぜたものです。 ティーバッグは不織布でできているため、お湯で茶葉が柔らかくなりやすく、紙製のティーバッグのように緑茶の本来の香りが消えることはありません。