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Cold Sake Carafe Ice Pocket Blue【Toyo-Sasaki Glass】


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Relax and enjoy your drinking time with this handmade sake carafe. Handmade by Toyo-Sasaki Glass, one of Japan's oldest traditional sake glass manufacturers renowned for their excellent quality, this tokkuri elevates your drinking experience while maintaining your sake integrity.

– Tokkuri has an ice pocket (blue) that easily keeps your sake cool without diluting it.

– As each item is handcrafted by local craftsmen, its size, weight, appearance, etc. may differ.

– Great as a gift.


Capacity: 360 ml (12.2 oz)

Material: Glass

Made in: Ishikawa, Japan

About Toyo Sasaki Glass

The founding of Toyo Glass and Sasaki Glass witnessed the rise of Japan as a modern nation-state during the era of Meiji Restoration, Japan's period of Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution.

In 2017, TSG celebrated 50th anniversary of HS toughened glassware product series, Japan’s first and most successful commercialized glass-edge toughened glassware brand from 1967. TSG has sold more than 800 million pieces of HS glassware for 50 years since 1967.