🥃 H A L F F U L L o r H A L F E M P T Y🥃

🥃 H A L F F U L L o r H A L F E M P T Y🥃

last day😭 japan food matsuri at takashimaya singapore😭

finishing? or still have one more day?!

you can try to throw dice to get 20% discount🎲 #pr 😂

- - -

the key of the taste of wine is grapes, so many people thinks that rice is the main ingredients for the taste🌾

of course, different rice has different characters, but the water is 80% of the ingredients for sake❄️ Breweries can buy sake rice from other prefectures but they won’t buy water from other place, they use their local source⛲️ (not like singapore hor...)

it’s very fun to try sake from different areas🥰