🎈T H I N K Y O U R P A S T & F U T U R E

🎈T H I N K Y O U R P A S T & F U T U R E

last day of japan food matsuri at takashimaya singapore😭

drinking 5 years aged sake to think about my past and future💭

what were you doing 5 years ago?

5 years ago, i just became an international kikisake-shi (sake sommelier) and began to share happiness through sake... and not so singlish... lol

i have never expected that i would be a sake lecturer and even have opportunities to collaborate with amazing sake breweries and chefs in takashimaya🙏✨

5 years later... i cannot imagine how would i be, but i am sure that i will be drinking😂

we haven’t officially announced but our new outlet, but you can still see me in singapore after this event😉

i will restart the series of #besakesommelier to give you more ideas about sake🍶💕
また、#国際唎酒師になろう シリーズも再開しますので、何かのきっかけにしていだだけたら嬉しく思います💡