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🍱 J A P A N G O U R M E T F A I R i n K L 🍔

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🍱 J A P A N G O U R M E T F A I R i n K L 🍔

hello KL👋 
now i am here to introduce authentic japanese products & bento, as well as japanese fusion wagyu beef burger😋

ALL NEW specially for @isetanthejapanstore

🍔 wagyu beef / teriyaki chicken burger
🍱 salmon & oyster bento
🍛 beef rendang / gyudon

we collaborate with 5 star hotel in selangor
BANGI RESORT HOTEL @bangigolfresortofficial
マレーシアの有名五つ星ホテル バンギ・リゾート・ホテルとのコラボさせていただいております✨

🍡 deep-fried karinto (brown sugar) dumpling

and the principle from tsuruya @tsuruya_fukuromachi hiroshima is in town🇲🇾
そして広島名物 鶴屋さんの揚げかりんとう饅頭も実演販売中❣️

🦪 kaki fry (deep-fries oyster)

if you love oyster, you should try kanawa’s @kanawaoyster

we also sell and sample ALL MADE IN JAPAN items

🧃 apple juice
🍵 green tea @chagama0503 🍉 yuzu/watermelon/salt soda @ante_jp 
🍣 wasabi
🍚 sardine/plum flake
🦀 crab/shrimp/clam miso soup
🐟 grilled ayu fish...etc!

stocks while last📦
limited until 4 Dec📆

oh, we don’t sell sake
so the first picture is nothing
(the sake range in isetan is amazing tho!!!)