本 醸 造 H O N J O Z O

本 醸 造 H O N J O Z O

premium sake can classified into 2 types
🙆‍♀️J U N M A I or N O T🙅‍♀️

one of the N O T J U N M A I type is:
H O N J O Z O sake🍶

the difference is

☝️I N G R E D I E N T S
junmai - rice, malted rice
honjozo - rice, malted rice & distilled alcohol

this added distilled alcohol is originally
S H O C H U💁‍♀️

so not anyhow one lah~
because of it, the taste can be smoother😌

if you don’t have much budget,
no worries!
honjozo is usually reasonable yet premium🏆

other K A E T S U sake is available on
🍶S A K E T O G O (@saketogo)


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